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POVOA GALAXY made it perfect…


Watch them boys… Nelly sang over & over again…so… They are the champions once again…But this time…Champions of the League and the cup…they made it…the double…


Hard game mostly cause they created their complications losing most of the 2nd balls, but still they amazed with quick attack developments playing essentially inside out on this particular match.


Kris returned, once again, to the position that celebrated him as a top player and it was influential organizing the transitions and dictating the pace of the match. Apart from last season being top scorer of the competition, this season he has been more instrumental providing rather than scoring at the same ratio, though he has scoring important goals and made is past the 20 goal mark. In this match he scored one of the three goals of the Galaxy.


Fabio Carvalho was also outstanding playing backwards, giving no room for their most dangerous player, their African striker. Even when disagreeing sometimes with the referee, and most with enough facts on the table, he was incontestable back in defense. He scored a goal from a intentional free kick trained by Galaxy and he did provide enough safety and calmness to Junior that has been each game improving and leaving it mark on the field, playing defensively and when needed going forward to increase advantage in attacking numbers. Both of them never play by the opponents mistake as they prefer to make strong anticipations which has lead to the defense of Galaxy to be so consistent this season.


Alvaro and Xicão, have been the goalkeepers this game. The prolific guardians of the last centimeter of field often connected with the voice of command working fine and in behalf of the productivity of the team as a whole. Both were untouchable and even in the end it was Alvaro Yashin making a true spider save allowing the match to end 3-2 for Povoa Galaxy.


Nelson Motta outplayed their opponents creating spaces, providing assists and delivered the best of a defensive game, mostly at expenses of powerful attacks done by Galaxy through direct football. It has been a safe game bringing levels of creativity to the field once again. His trademark long passes and quickness allowed Galaxy to make fast transitions optimizing the chances and the ball possession.


João Paulo created often chances in this match and gave his flavor of technique to the opponents and rising on almost every chance he had against opponents even with pannas. The only time he eclipsed himself was when he got more individual than expected when the game could go either way, but still made a consistent performance and brought his essence to the match. He has been wonderful in the cup helping the Galaxy to reach this Cup.


Fonseca got in delivered is best performance this season opening the scoring one minute after he got in as a sub. This time he did made the perfect runs and going back and forth making his great defensive display, finally, using is unique body as a mean to achieve the goals.


Eddy bringing pace to the game as well, running, running and running, dribbling the opponents inside out and not just delivering powerful shots but as well passes to the second striker.


Carlos Ali even though it has passed unnoticed, he did the right moves to create opportunities for others. He squandered a chance in front of goal, but in the end he went up and down like a Japanese Tsubasa giving no space left for others to create further chances. His off the ball positioning gave Galaxy the enough edge to be on the top most of the game, even when the attendance and other team though possible to achieve victory against Galaxy. Not Happening though… 

Deserved winners...less talk talk and much more action... Action by Galaxy on the 3-2 victory in the cup final...

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Anónimo on 27 de abril de 2009 às 11:12

oi, venho felicitar-vos para vitória na final na qual fui oponente, e desejar-vos uma boa temporada na 1º divisão ke kreio será a mais forte de sempre, cumprimentos desportivos Mauro Santos JBteam

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